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Original character by Satsuki Katze, "Onikko-chan" in figure form! Popular illustrator Satsuki Katze's original character "Onikko-chan" is made into a solid 1/5.5 scale figure! Sprawled body so astounding that you can feel the softness of her massive leaning chest afar, very generous sideboobs exposure, and a healthy amount of tummy flabs guiding you to her shangri-la of a belly button. The contrast of red, navy blue, and gold mixed with Japanese ambience is just eye-catching. The Noren on the chest is cast off and the crotch parts can be changed for a more risque display. This figure is made to order only during the preorder period, so don't miss this opportunity! http://native-store.net/en/p/NA_CR_WD00276

Detalles del producto:

Materiales: PVC and ABS

Compañía: nocturne

Serie: Original Character

Detalles: Fully painted and assembled. 1/5.5 scale. Accessories: Base and Interchangeable Parts (Crotch) Total height: 16cm. PKG Size (est): W300*D200*H200mm.

Alto: 16 cm

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